Hey everyone! Today I’ll talk about France. I was just recently thinking about France, and I asked myself that if I could, would I go back to France? My answer would probably be no, but it’s not that I don’t like France. France was an amazing experience, and I enjoyed the sights as well as the food. The people in France loves food, and they work hard to perfect it as much as they can. So I always wondered why they were so fit, if they loved food so much. It turns out France is similar to New York in the sense that everyone walks a lot. I actually lost weight on my trip to Europe even though I ate a lot. The walking actually balances the food out, which is probably why a lot of people in France are fit. But the reason why I wouldn’t go back to France or live there one day is also because of its similarity to New York. France is too crowded and chaotic, and EVERYONE seems to smoke! I like it in California, where it’s not too quiet but not too crowded, and not as many people smoke. But that’s just my thoughts, and France is still a beautiful place. That’s all I have, so thanks once again!



2 thoughts on “France

  1. Your experience of France was different from mine! I saw two sides of France, the side that you saw and the beautifully calm side! You should go explore France more! It might surprise you!


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