Too late to procrastinate?

Why do people love to procrastinate? 

That question popped up in my head today as I watched my friend struggle to finish his Spanish homework during our English class. It’s not that he is a bad scholar. He’s balancing multiple AP classes and he’s a talented athlete. But he always does his homework at the last minute. Maybe it’s because he works better under pressure, but it’s difficult to see such a scholar hard at work when he had time to do it at home. So maybe it’s a natural feeling to put things aside until the last minute, but maybe someday he will be able to properly manage his time and be a better scholar than he already is.


One thought on “Too late to procrastinate?

  1. I agree… school is tough! This picture resonates with the AP-esque feelings of procrastination. I think it lacks the message that people choose to slack in specific subjects that disinterest them. In this picture, the guy is doing his homework for Spanish, but it lacks to mention how he already finished his blogs and calculus homework. Anyway, keep up with these great blogs !!!


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