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Today I thought about how my sleep schedule progressed as I grew up. As a young child, I detested naps and sleeping. My curious mind was always keeping me up and I wanted to explore. As a young teen I began to crave sleep more, but I still was fine with waking up early and sleeping late for fun. Occasionally I had to stay up late, but it wasn’t too often. As a high school student now I crave sleep so much. My sleep schedule is molded to accommodate my homework load so there are times where I am forced to stay up late. By now I crave sleep more than friends, so on Fridays I come straight home from school and take a blissful nap. Right now in English we are debating on if school starting late can help students, and one of the central issues is about the amount of sleep. But hopefully I can resolve my sleep issues and be a productive student.


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