Graceful submission

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As many of you may know by now, the election has come and gone. Donald Trump has become president, defeating Hillary Clinton in the election. In the days before the election, there was some controversy about his comments when he was asked if he would concede peacefully if he lost. Trump claimed that he might not be too open to admitting defeat if he lost. That right there is a perfect example of what not to do when you’re a leader and a role model. The election has split the country apart, with the racism and protests from both Republicans and Democrats. The United States of America are not united, and although Hillary has conceded, it has not stopped her supporters from protesting. So in reality, a graceful submission is only the first step to be taken after this election. Both Clinton and Trump need to realize that their supporters look up to them as role models, and the actions their supporters take are done in their name. This country will suffer if Trump and Clinton cannot overcome their differences and unite their supporters together again. A divided country cannot function, so it’s up to their leaders to step up and bridge the gap that has torn our country in two for the past few months.


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