Defy the critics

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A young team with ambition but uncoordinated. No leadership and no unity to lead the team to wins. Critics were placing the Lakers as the 28th best team out of 30 teams. Ten games into the season, and where are the critics now? The Lakers are 11th in the standings overall and they look ready to compete and fight for a playoffs spot. When numerous critics believed that the loss of Kobe Bryant would lead to another season of losses and tanking, the young Lakers core of Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell, and Jordan Clarkson have been proving them wrong. Combine that with the talented veteran leadership from Lou Williams and Nick Young, and the Lakers just might have a shot to prove their naysayers wrong. With a new coach in Luke Walton and a new style of playing, the Lakers so far have impressed the league and have shown that they are not an easy team to take down. Admittedly, they still need some refining, but for a team that went 17-65 last year and landed at the bottom of the Western Conference, this is a huge improvement. There is no superstar on the team, but the thing is, the Lakers don’t need one right now. They work together and help each other perform better. That kind of teamwork is what will help the Lakers rise up from the bottom and prove that they can challenge the top teams in the NBA.


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