Be Thankful

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Thanksgiving will be this Thursday, which reinforces the meaning behind this monumental holiday. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is often overshadowed by Christmas, which is more popular in America and around the world. But Thanksgiving is a special holiday that shouldn’t be forgotten too. It’s a time to remember and reflect on how wonderful our lives are. We have to be thankful for all of our opportunities and be grateful for all of the people in our lives that have shaped us to become who we are today. Even if someone was a bad influence, be thankful for them. They taught who to not follow in their footsteps and what not to do in life. So essentially, be grateful for everything around you. Life’s not something to be taken lightly, so make the most out of yours and remember where you came from and who helped you become who you are. Spread love, not hate, and treat everyone equally.


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