http://www.latimes.com/nation/la-na-pipeline-protest-20161024-snap-story.html This is a link to a story about how Native Americans in North Dakota are trying to keep their land from being taken away from them. There is ongoing construction in the area for pipelines, and the Native American tribes in the area do not want their land to be taken away. They are being treated so unfairly, to the point that their prayer session was interrupted by cops that later described the scene as a “riot” even though the Native Americans weren’t engaging in any violent activities. It’s sickening because it seems like Americans don’t recognize how history is repeating itself once again. How can we criticize Andrew Jackson and his banishment of Native Americans on the Trail of Tears if we also push the Native Americans off of their land? We’ve taken too much of their land in the past already, so why can’t we just leave them in peace and give them some of the land that they inhabited before us? America needs to be more understanding, and the path to that begins with seeing things through the Native American’s perspective.


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