Setbacks in the road

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The young Los Angeles Lakers team led Portland by 2 at the half. Another half later, and the final result was a loss by 21. What happened in the second half that made the Lakers lose their momentum and give away the game? Bad shooting and even worse defense. The Lakers ended up being outscored in the second half 53 to 30. Even if they had a cold shooting night after halftime, they could have made more of an effort on the defensive aspect of the game. Allowing Damian Lillard to score 18 of his 20 points in the second half was not helpful, and neither was being beaten on the glass 38 to 50. Overall it was a bad game, but it serves as a lesson to the young squad. They can see where it all went wrong and learn to fix their mistakes and trust each other more. It’s not too late to chase after a playoff spot, but if the Lakers want to make it to the playoffs, they need to start working as a team now.


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