Notes on the Upper Muddle

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Lucinda Rosenfeld’s article about the classes in America is a very interesting read. It has led me to question about the classes in America right now. The large majority of America is categorized in a middle class, which is split into a lower and higher class again. But something in Rosenfeld’s article really caught my attention. She mentioned how her child seemed to gravitate towards kids whose lives were similar to hers. That got me thinking to why this is a trend. Maybe because deep down we try to find the people who resemble us the most, because at the end of the day, you want someone who can relate to you and understand your situations. I’m not sure how I chose my friends, but I’m glad that I did become friends with them because together they help me get through life by reminding me that there are always people that understand me and can truly relate to what I’m saying


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