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Finals week starts tomorrow, and the current rain seems to reflect just about every student’s mood about the upcoming week. I don’t know if it’s just me , but teens nowadays seem a lot more stressed and worn out than usual. School to me just seems like a competition. Whoever memorizes the most will succeed, but if you can’t memorize as well as others, you get left behind and have to work extra trying to catch up. Students are set on taking certain classes that will make their résumé look better, but to be honest, most of those classes will teach them things that they won’t use once they go into the real world. I’m pretty sure that a large majority of people won’t ever use the quadratic formula in their outside lives, yet it’s emphasized in school and most kids are required to memorize it. School is indeed a brutal place where you either catch on or get left behind, so I guess in a way it’s prepping us for the cutthroat nature of when we graduate college.


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