Time to play

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As the years have gone by, letting kids play doesn’t seem so important to schools and adults. Playgrounds and parks are giving way to tutoring centers, test prep centers, and other educational institutes. Although that is a good thing, kids can’t be as creative anymore and have that sense of exploration. This generation of kids and teens are so focused on their education and grades that they rarely explore outside of their comfort zone. My friend recently told me how she used to be so excited to try new things, but it stopped once she entered high school. It’s sad to see something like that, and I’m scared that many kids in the future will be just like my friend. Playing doesn’t make kids dumb, it teaches them things that school can’t. It teaches them to explore and try out new things, and it helps them determine their sense of right and wrong. There’s no class for that in school, so it’s imperative that we give our future generations time to try out their creative side.


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