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Spelling is extremely important, and if our current president, Donald Trump, can’t spell simple words like shocker, choker, or instincts, it shows that maybe he’s not as careful as we would want him to be. Simple precautions like installing spellcheck or having anyone proofread before he sends out tweets would save him a lot of embarrassment. Even though he has bigger issues to deal with besides the correct way to spell unprecedented, it wouldn’t be too hard to just look up the correct spelling. Making mistakes is how we learn, but first we have to actually acknowledge that we made an error. At the same time, the article by Allan Fallow that question’s Trump’s presidency based on his spelling isn’t helping either. President Trump has a lot of issues that can be discussed, but I don’t think that his spelling will be extremely important when it comes to how he runs America. So in the end, maybe our President could hire someone to proofread his tweets so that he doesn’t embarrass himself and be the cause of articles that question his motives and ideas based off of a spelling error.


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