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Do you remember the time? The time where innocence was bliss and the weight of the world wasn’t resting on your shoulders? The time where you could really go to sleep without any lingering issues nagging you? Nowadays, my issues seems to shadow me wherever I go, I wear my doubts like a suit of armor, suffocating me slowly. My future is dark and uncertain, and I don’t have a light to guide me. All I can do is walk blindly on, trusting that the path that I’m on will lead me to my dreams. It makes me think about the times where I had my parents to guide me, and the path was clearer. But my parents won’t be here forever, and I’ve entered the time where my future is murky and dangerous. My life used to be like wet clay, capable of being molded into anything. Now, I’m already deep into the hardened clay phase, possible to be shaped differently and refined, yet I cannot start over. As each day passes, I have fewer and fewer options, and sometimes I just want to stop time for maybe a day or two, and erase everything from my mind for a while so that I can truly experience bliss and complete peace for a little. Life is a marathon, and the older you get the more obstacles are thrown in your way. All we can do is just keep moving our feet, dreaming of the best while facing the worst.


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