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After a strenuous year of doing APUSH outlines, I have officially done my last outline. Thinking back to it, I won’t forget my first few attempts where I took forever and wrote way too much. I’ll remember staying up till 2 in the morning finishing them because of the long chapters. I certainly won’t miss the workload, but outlines actually brought me closer to one of my friends. We started working at the same time during one of the early chapters, and from then on we kept on working on each outline at the same time to make ourselves feel less lonely. It was while we were working that we got to know each other. I probably won’t remember half of the information that I wrote in my outlines but I’ll always remember my good friend whenever I work on long and difficult assignments. It makes me a bit nostalgic remembering the nights when  we felt like giving up, but in the end we would always help pull each other through. The power of friendship helped me through APUSH this year, and I can only hope that I can have the same friend next year, because friends like those are the ones who you need to hold on to.


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