Grapes of wrath haikus

This is a group of haikus that cover Grapes of Wrath


We start with Tom Joad

He killed a man, just got free

He’ll travel back home


Meets his old preacher

Casy asks to go along

Finds his family


Family is glad

They are going to the west

Grandpa is stubborn


Grandpa dies sadly

The pain is only starting

They meet the Wilsons


Noah wants to stay

Grandma dies and Ma is changed

The group reached Cali


No work to be found

Cops break up the migrant camps

Casy sent to jail


Connie runs away

Uncle Tom tries to leave too

Group is so fragile


Reach government camp

New environment, so nice

Tom gets work digging


Cops try to start fights

Security kicks out men

Efficient group work


Joads can’t find any work

The Joads have to leave again

They get a small job


Tom will find Casy

Casy is leading the men

Casy is murdered


Tom kills officer

The Joads have to run again

Tom will hide nearby


Tom decides to go

Al and Aggie are engaged

Sadness soon to come


Floods and depression

Rosasharn lost her baby

What will happen now?





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