After reading Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, I have so many questions that won’t ever be answered. What happens to Tom? Does the character development in Rosasharn mean anything? What happens to the family now? What happened to the Wilsons? Will Floyd continue to fight against the cops and unfair treatment? Will the Joad family meet up with Al and the Wainwright family again, or is that the last time that they see each other? What about the people that left? How do Noah and Connie survive after they disband from the group? Will Ruthie ever change? There’s so many questions that I’ll never get the answer to, and I know that Steinbeck meant to make the novel seem realistic by leaving it unanswered. But at the same time I’m left with a feeling of uncertainty. Does Ma take over now that Pa seems to be more and more content with her calling the shots? How will Rosasharn be affected by the loss of her baby? Where will the Joads go now? They traveled to California, which was their only option, and now that they can’t find work, what do they do? Is the ending a sign of rebirth and hope or the last time that the Joad family catches a break?


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