How to save a life

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I just recently finished the netflix series 13 Reasons Why, and I have to say that the show really covers teen suicide very well. All teens in high school have problems, you can’t simply just get through high school unscathed. One thing that I noticed in the series is that the girl who killed herself, Hannah Baker, had no friends to lean on in her times of distress. Clay Jensen, the protagonist, finally understands this and in the last episode, opens out to Skye, a classmate who he saw was struggling with her life too and had before resorted to cutting herself. The show taught me a good life lesson, and it shows how important friendship is. A single stick can be broken easily, but a group of sticks are harder to break. By extending ourselves out and branching out to include other people, we could prevent so many suicides because we can be the crutch that someone needs to get through a tough time. The show really opened my eyes to how loneliness can kill, and it’s so sad how there were so many people in the series that had the potential to save a girl from killing herself. 13 Reasons Why is a series that I think every teen in school should watch, and the way it depicts high school life and teen suicide is riveting.


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